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It's a Movement


The South Bay's first Vegetarian/Vegan BBQ Trailer! With our spin on Creole, Jamaican Jerk, and JJ's Pepper Pleasure rubs featured in a variety of different dishes.

Thoughtful Ingredients


Offering Gluten Free, Soy Free, and Non Dairy items made from locally grown produce that is Certified Organic and never frozen. 

Healthy Lifestyle


Making the switch from the old school meat mentality to a more sustainable, healthy, vegetable based lifestyle. 

The Transition


Untimely Motorcycle Accident

5 years ago, I was in a motorcycle accident that stopped me dead in my tracks... Literally! Haha Fortunately, my last thought before impact was "DAMN! This is going to hurt!" Then the lights went out. 

Auto Pilot

From what I was told by the first responders, I was actually coherent and well aware of what was going on the whole time right after the accident although to this day I don't remember a thing. The first moment I remember after impact was waking up in the ambulance in excruciating pain and completely unaware of my surroundings. This gave the first responders a good laugh because they could swear that I was mentally there the whole time. 

The Breakdown

After everything was said and done I ended up with two shattered wrists put back together with 4 pins in my left wrist and a plate in my right wrist, two fractured forearms, a middle finger that was shattered and needed 5 screws to put everything back together, two dislocated shoulders with labral tears in each, a torn left rotator cuff along with a torn left subscapularis, three fractures in my right scapula, I broke all of the ribs on my right side, a lacerated liver and a punctured lung. Needless to say, I spent the next 8 days in ICU at Stanford. 

On the Mend

Once I was released from the hospital I was fortunate enough to be staying at grandmas house at the time and also had my Aunt Pat who was living with us at the time as my personal chef and since she knew the power of veggies she had me eating nothing but fresh Organic based foods and my body thanked her. Even the doctors were astonished by how quickly I was recovering. I knew it was all of the produce I was eating because I noticed that when I ate meat during my recovery I would end up in a food coma but when I ate the veggies I had energy and could feel myself healing. This is when I realized that there was something POWERFUL about the vegan lifestyle.

The Verdict

Just so we are clear, I am still guilty of having the occasional moment of weakness 😩 But I can tell you from personal experience that my body feels so much better when I am on a veggie diet which is why I decided to start Smoker's De-Lite. I wanted a way to share my story and maybe help a few people to kick the idea that meat is the only source of protein. i also want to give people another option that is plant based but also takes it a step further by being gluten free, soy free, dairy free, organic, non GMO and most importantly tastes good. Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you all somewhere down the road. Cheers!

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Smokers De-Lite LLC



Due to a recent injury I will be closed until further notice. My apologies! Happy 2018!

Monday: Back of Target (Mon, Tues, Fri); Cherry Park 3-7:00pm (Mon, Wed, Fri)

Tuesday: Target on Cottle Rd 11-1pm; Cherry Park 3-4:30pm; Blossom Hill Rd at Harwood 5-7:00pm 

Wednesday: Near India Community Center at 525 Los Coches St Milpitas 11-1pm 

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